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5 Awesome Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel in 2019

Considering a kitchen remodel in 2019?

Decades ago, the kitchen was an often forgotten room in the back of a home that was shunned by family and guests alike. It was an isolated area where the dirty deeds of making meals and cleaning dishes took place and not much else. Luckily, times have changed and the kitchen is now considered by many to be the heart of the home, where guests are entertained and families spend their evenings. As attitudes around the kitchen have changed, so have their function and style.

Most new gadgets made for the home center around kitchen needs. It’s now required to find a balance between function, comfort, and beauty. As such a melting pot of functionality, kitchen trends change rapidly.

1) Large Backsplashes

Backsplashes are a fun, unique feature of kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a great place to have controlled creativity; there’s only so many ways to tile a backsplash! With kitchen backsplash trends changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up. Recently, subway-style tiles were in style but already they’re out, at least mostly. Now, larger slabs of tile are in style. Luckily, that is the only restriction these days. There are endless ways to customize through color, shape, textures, and patterns. It’s quite trendy to use the backsplash as a pop of color in the kitchen. For a more classic look, neutral, complementary tones are also stylish.

Another change regarding backsplashes is the area they take up – gone are the days when a backsplash covered the sliver of wall between the counter and cabinets. These days, backsplashes are made of large slabs that reach up to the ceiling. Interior decorators are getting quite creative with materials, also. More and more they’re turning to alternative materials, such as marble, quartzy, wood, copper, stainless steel, glass, and more.

2) Dark Colors

One of the most ubiquitous trends in recent years has been to have a stark white, sterile kitchen. White walls, floors, counters, and appliances was the image of perfection many stylists have strived for. Well strive no longer – dark hues are now in vogue! Instead of light greys and neutrals, kitchens are taking on navy, black, plum, and forest green tones with gold accents. Taking a huge plunge toward dark colors can be an intense commitment that you may regret. To stay in style without having to go so far, using wood stains and dark blues and greens for accents is a great way to compromise.

3) Effective Storage Cabinets

One of the foundations of a kitchen is its storage. If there isn’t enough, the kitchen can become cluttered and less efficient. An inefficient kitchen is one that doesn’t get used or is a source of stress to the user – definitely something to avoid! Recently, the trend was to have open shelving. Luckily that unfortunate idea has been cast aside and the focus is shifting from aesthetically pleasing to highly functional. Deep drawers, rolling cabinets, appliance garages, drawer dividers, and pull-outs for spices are some of the many possible creative storage solutions that are available and gaining popularity.

4) Glass and Steel Room Dividers

While front doors and showers have been trending towards using glass and steel for several years, other interior rooms are catching on to the trend. Using glass and steel to divide the kitchen from other rooms in the home provides a transparent or semi-transparent divide while shutting out smells and noise from the kitchen. This provides the feeling of a more open floor plan and a sense of being close to the action – no matter which room you’re in.

5) Smart Kitchens

As technology seems to take over every other aspect of our lives, it has fully extended to the kitchen. Not only does it provide a plethora of fancy, and probably useless, gadgets and appliances, it is also possible to integrate high-tech into every function and appliance. This integration can make a kitchen run like a well-oiled machine, or a confusing nightmare. It’s important not to get distracted by what seems cool and to really think about what will make your life easier. Some examples include:

  • Motionsense equipment, such as faucets and lights.
  • Smart refrigerators that can warn you when the groceries are running low
  • Coffee makers that can have your coffee ready when you wake up

No matter what style decisions you decide to make in your 2019 kitchen renovation, be sure to stay true to your own personal style. If it’s trendy but you won’t enjoy it, what’s the point? If you’re renovating to increase the value of your home for a resale in the near future, understand how quickly trends change and keep that in mind when deciding to make drastic changes and style choices.

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