Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Luxehome Construction is a Sacramento region General Contractor specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and house renovations.

Luxehome Construction provides a white-glove remodeling experience with a primary focus on job cleanliness, timing accuracy, and customer communication. This unique approach to remodeling of focusing on elite customer experience rather than a high volume of work is establishing Luxehome Construction as a high-end service provider in Northern California.

Paul Yanovskiy is the owner, a general contractor by trade, a carpenter at heart, and a perfectionist at core. Also, being a US military veteran, his duty for serving the people and nature of integrity guide him in leading the business with a trustworthy service and a solid reputation.

Paul Yanovskiy, Owner

Paul Yanovskiy owner of Luxehome Construction Inc., license #1035952.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stay within my planned remodel budget?

Our experienced field estimators will clearly guide you through the whole decision making and budget planning process, working with you to customize the perfect project scope per your needs and capabilities. Generally, the remodel project decision process is laid out into three major steps: First, identify modifications and split them into two categories – Needs and Wants. Next, list all the needs and make sure they fit into your budget allowance. Lastly, if additional budget allows, add in the wants.

How should I prepare for my remodel project to begin?

We kindly ask you to remove all items from the project areas, such as dishes and miscellaneous items from inside your cabinets, pictures from dinning room walls, and drape cloths over blinds to protect them from the work dust. Leave the big, bulky items to us – we will either move them out of the way or we will cover them in place to protect them from the remodel dust.

In what ways does LuxeHome respect my home during the duration of the project?

Even though we strive to keep the work dust to a minimum, we still utilize multiple cover, barrier, and dust protection methods to ensure your home is treated with respect during the messy remodel process. We typically have covering for the floor with drape cloths and cardboard, as well as hanging plastic dust barriers to isolate the work area from the rest of the house, we will always be considerate while performing and aim for clean and pleasant work.

Does LuxeHome subcontract out parts of my project? / Who is building my project?

Most of the labor is performed by the LuxeHome team. However, to ensure the highest craftsmanship in the build of your project, we hand selected and partnered with some of the highest rated local licensed tradesmen, to perform the vital parts of the build, in areas of plumbing and electrical. Even though it costs LuxeHome a bit more than performing the work ourselves, we gladly pay the premium cost to ensure the highest craftsmanship, which in our experience, equals higher customer satisfaction.

Does LuxeHome warranty their work?

LuxeHome takes deep pride in their work, craftsmanship and local reputation. Given that kitchens and bathrooms are the most heavily utilized and trafficked areas in your house, we are mindful to give a reasonable amount of time to fix any possible and honest build errors. Here at LuxeHome, we will honor a full year labor warranty on all of our projects and installations. Customers are presented a Warranty Certificate indicating the expiration date of the warranty. In addition, we do encourage you to reach out to us regarding any possible issues past your warranty expiration date, we will do everything possible to fix any repairs that you request within reason.

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