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Proper lighting can completely change a room and the mood of people in it.

As the kitchen is arguably the most bustling room in the home, it requires a lot of lighting. Proper lighting can really showcase your kitchen remodel. Lights are important for both function and style. The right lighting solution involves a combination of task lighting, over & under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting.

  • Task Lighting – Having light catering to specific tasks can help keep your electricity down as well as provide proper illumination. Under-cabinet lighting can provide great light from an unseen source, making your kitchen seem to glow. Track lighting on the ceiling can give wider, yet still specific lighting to areas such as the stove or island.
  • Ambient Lighting – As the center of activity, the kitchen often attracts the rest of the family as well as friends to join in on the buzz of excitement. Light the whole room with soft ambient lighting to provide a warm, bright ambiance. There are many options, such as wall sconces, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, and track lighting that can provide a variety of light sources. Take your time to consider what each source would provide the room.
  • Accent Lighting – This highlighting adds depth and dimension to the environment. Examples include recessed adjustable fixtures and track lights.
  • Cabinetry Lighting – Two types of cabinetry lighting for different kitchen lighting are over cabinet lights and under-cabinet lights. Over-cabinet lights can be used to highlight dishes and decorative displays on open-topped cabinet designs, and under-cabinet lights are more for task lighting or to spotlight backsplashes. Over-cabinet lights often employ energy-efficient LED bulbs, while under-cabinet lights might use LED strips, fluorescents, halogen, xenon, or rope lights.

Remodeling your kitchen is not a task to be taken lightly or without great consideration.

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