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Custom Kitchen Remodeling Pros

Renovating a kitchen is a balancing act – a constant calibration of what you want and what you can actually afford. Some upgrades and features, like nooks and storage solutions, should not have to be pushed out of the list. Building in bars, nooks and custom storage solutions is easy to do regardless of your kitchen and budget size with the help of an expert!

Luxehome Construction is here to help you every step of the way. We provide a white-glove remodeling experience with a primary focus on job cleanliness, timing accuracy, and customer communication.

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Sacramento Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Built-In Bars

If you’re dreaming of an in-home bar for your kitchen, basement, spare rooms, lounges or outdoor areas, we’ve got you covered! The types of bars you can incorporate in your home is plentiful. Coffee bars have become a growing trend in homes as gourmet coffee beverages are becoming easier and easier to make at home. You can also add in a wine bar with features such as a wine cooler, wine bottle racks, and customized shelving for bar glasses and decanters. Wine bars don’t have to be installed in your kitchen. If you have a specific part of the home dedicated to entertainment – like a small theater room, family room or game room – you can add a wine bar to the place where guests gather to enjoy the fun without having to take a trip to the kitchen to refill their drinks.

You can add a bar to your outdoor oasis for maximum relaxation. You can also add a bar under the stairs – great way to make sure of often wasted space. Another type of “bar” you may want to consider incorporating is a workstation. The workstation is going above just a simple sit down with a computer space. It’s becoming a messaging and docking hub with unique and customized space for charging hand-held devices, cubbies to hold items and more!


The purpose of the kitchen has dramatically changed over the years. Whereas once it’s sole purpose was to prepare and cook a meal, now, the kitchen is an area with a lot of happenings. Which is why, it takes an expert eye to identify the possibilities of your kitchen. Some may see random bits of square footage with little or no value, but we see potential!

Nooks are small spaces, typically enclosed on three sides and generally located adjacent to the kitchen. They serve many purposes from casual dining to reading a book to so much more! They are great for so many reasons:

  • Privacy – if your home is filled with constant movement and noise, a nook is the perfect private getaway. You can read, work or just listen to your own thoughts away from all the hustle and bustle going on around you.
  • Fun & Practical – nooks are great for kids and adults! Whether it’s an arts and crafts nook or a work station, you can create a nook for any type of activity.
  • Easy & Inexpensive – you will be surprised with how easy it is to set up a nook. And because it’s a small area, decorations and furnishes won’t cost you much if anything at all.
  • Adds Value – both to your home in terms of price and functionality.

The best thing about nooks is they can be installed just about anywhere! They require very little space so don’t worry if you have a smaller home, we can find the perfect place for your cozy nook.

Factors to Consider Before Building a Nook

How big do you want it? – Nooks are typically small in size but you don’t have to let other people’s definitions define yours! It can be as tiny as a corner allows or as big as the entire room, it really just depends on what you want and need.

What’s the purpose of the nook? – As mentioned already, nooks can serve a variety of purposes. Whatever reason you have for wanting one, make sure you decide it’s intention before designing and building it out. If it’s for you to enjoy a good book, make sure it’s comfortable. If it’s for a casual dining area, make sure it’s large enough to fit a few people. If it’s for the kids to play with their toys and create crafts, make sure it’s built with kid-friendly material.

Where will it be? – Because nooks are small, they can be added anywhere in the house! Under the stairs and corners are very common areas to set up a nook. Here are some other locations to consider:

  • Attic – this is a great option if you need a larger nook! You can transform it to a personal library, a nap area or a kids’ play area. It may require a little more financial investment but the warm and cozy feel it adds is worth it.
  • Basement – this can be as large as your basement allows. You can incorporate a small wet bar where you can enjoy a cold beverage while you lounge around and relax.
  • Hallway – transform a dead end hallway to a functional and cozy space. You can add some storage area on the bottom and warm lighting on top to create a secret hideaway.
  • Window – windows are common areas for nooks. You can add a simple padded bench for your quintessential reading hub.
  • Closet – another unique area of space often unused, a closet nook is perfect for one person to relax and recharge.

The list could go on and on. If you simply walk around your house with a fresh set of eyes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect secluded spot for a cozy nook. If you can’t find anything, feel free to give us a call for unique suggestions.

How do you want it decorated? – decorations and furnishings will vary based on the purpose of your nook. If it’s for reading, you’ll definitely want to have some comfortable pillows, bright lighting and possibly a bookshelf. If it’s for a kids’ play area you’ll probably want good and sturdy surface and storage. If it is a work area, a comfortable desk and lighting are essential.

Some people may think that they don’t have any room for a nook but you’d be surprised at how much space you actually have! The tiniest of areas in a kitchen or another room can be transformed into a nook of all sizes. Even if the whole family can’t sit down at once, a single person breakfast nook is a great addition of comfort.

There are a variety of nook ideas out there – nothing is impossible! From a tulip table, to a corner nook to a dividing nook and everything in between, we can help you design and build the perfect nook. No matter how big or what design, we will be happy to work with you to create the best nook for your home.

Custom Storage Solutions

“How can I increase storage in my small kitchen” is a question you probably ponder a lot. It’s definitely a pain for a lot of homeowners. Here are some upgrades worth considering:

  • Under-Sink Pull Out
  • Trash and Recycling Pullout
  • Custom Drawer Organizers
  • Under-Counter Kitchen Island Cabinets
  • Pull Out Storage Next to Cooking Range
  • Slide and Store – stop stacking your pans in the drawer under the oven. Cookie sheets, casserole dishes, and cutting boards are more easily accessed when stored on their sides rather than stacked.
  • Store Dishes Below – drawer with pegboard inserts that perfectly fits plates and dishes
  • Hanging Racks
  • Wine Storage
  • Appliance Drawers
  • Open Shelves
  • Walk-In Pantry

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Lets build something amazing together! We’re here to create comfortable and practical spaces with our clients. Contact us to receive expert advice, an in-home design consultation and a detailed estimate!