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Remodeling your kitchen is not a task to be taken lightly or without great consideration. Though you certainly are familiar with kitchens and may have a strong idea of what you wish to see in your remodel, the reality of executing a construction project on this scale is significant. If you’re content with the size and layout of your kitchen but are unhappy with how outdated and worn it looks, you’re ready for a kitchen facelift.

Updating kitchen surfaces and details without altering the basic layout is also known as a pull and replace by the remodeling industry. It’s a relatively quick and more affordable way to have a new kitchen. If done correctly, it can greatly increase the value of your home and make it a more pleasant place to live.

Luxehome Construction is here to help you every step of the way. We provide a white-glove remodeling experience with a primary focus on job cleanliness, timing accuracy, and customer communication.

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Kitchen Remodeling

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Kitchen Remodel Costs

While it’s inadvisable to approach a remodel with a focus on spending the least amount of money possible, it’s important to know where costs can be brought down and to recognize when things are overpriced.

One simple way of keeping costs down is to keep your new design as close to the current layout as possible. Taking down and putting up walls, moving gas lines and electric wires will greatly increase the costs associated with your project, not only through the expense of the work but with the time it takes to get it done.

Take Note of Current Fashions, With Restraint

What’s fashionable in interior design is always shifting. Picking up a magazine or looking up some videos online can clue you in on what’s new in the world of kitchen appliances and design. While there is a benefit to knowing what’s out there, it’s important to take into consideration what’s likely to stay relevant when you expect to sell your home. If you are renovating right before selling the house, it may make more sense to rely more heavily on current styles. Be sure to remember that styles go out of fashion and you can be doing yourself a disservice if you intend to sell further into the future.

The Focus of the Kitchen: The Sink

If you should spend money anywhere, it’s here. The sink is the most frequently used appliance in the kitchen and should be designed with care. A high-end faucet with the capability to detach from the fixture and reach all corners of the sink is highly important and can be accomplished through various designs. You typically don’t have to spend significantly more on a faucet that will be appreciated for many years.

Also to consider regarding the sink is the basin. A deep, single basin no more than 10 inches deep is ideal. Single basins are more efficient in smaller spaces and have enough room to wash large items, such as pots and pans. As dishwashers are pretty ubiquitous, two sinks is not really necessary.


There are many more options than you may initially think for kitchen floors. Read below for some basic information on your options.

  • Hardwood – A traditional option that brings warmth and versatility to the home. As this flooring can be used in most any rooms, it may provide a smooth connection between your kitchen and the rest of your home. A durable material, hardwood can handle a lot of traffic without significant wear while remaining comfortable to walk on. Unlike carpet, hardwood is easy to clean and won’t hold allergens or dirt.
  • Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tile provides the same cleanup ease as hardwood but comes in an essentially endless variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. It’s also stain and liquid resistant, making it somewhat easier to care for than hardwood.
  • Cork – The most unique flooring option widely used for kitchens is cork. Made from durable renewable materials, cork is very warm, cushy and quiet. It has the added bonus of being resistant to mold and termites, unlike wood.
  • Linoleum – With traits of both wood and porcelain tile, linoleum is a very popular choice for kitchens. It provides the comfort of hardwood and the diverse options of porcelain tile. Linoleum is very durable, with many providers offering warranties of up to 25 years. Made from renewable materials, linoleum is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain as the surface is smooth and water resistant.


Lighting can completely change a room and the mood of people in it. As the kitchen is arguably the most bustling room in the home, it requires a lot of lighting. Using different forms of light can help set the right mood for the right activity. Read about the different lighting options below:

  • Task Lighting – Having light catering to specific tasks can help keep your electricity down as well as provide proper illumination. Under-cabinet lighting can provide great light from an unseen source, making your kitchen seem to glow. Track lighting on the ceiling can give wider, yet still specific lighting to areas such as the stove or island.
  • Ambient lighting – As the center of activity, the kitchen often attracts the rest of the family as well as friends to join in on the buzz of excitement. Light the whole room with soft ambient lighting to provide a warm, bright ambiance. There are many options, such as wall sconces, flush-mounted ceiling fixtures, and track lighting that can provide a variety of light sources. Take your time to consider what each source would provide the room.


Think carefully about what you put on the walls. Though your kitchen may seem large, remember it will often be a bustling location where many family members spend a lot of their time. Go for a wall color or wallpaper that matches the energy without getting to tiresome or claustrophobic. Think light and bright!


Be sure to look into the reviews of brands and models of appliances you’re interested in buying. Though you may be tempted to get the very newest version of a classic appliance, you’re putting yourself at risk when you purchase something that hasn’t been vetted by other users.


Though it isn’t the most exciting part of the design process, storage is pivotal for a happy, efficient home – especially in the kitchen! Look for a good family company that takes great care in their craft. High quality, custom cabinets may be expensive, but it can make a huge difference in the look and function of your kitchen. Also consider dead wall space as an opportunity to increase storage for your more aesthetically appealing items, such as wine glasses or pretty cups.

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