Remodel your bathroom by converting a bathtub to a shower.

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Bathtub to Shower Conversion Experts in Sacramento, CA

Bathtub to shower conversions are by far the most popular home remodeling projects.

With today’s hectic, modern lifestyles, many of us are starting to look at our bathtubs less as an essential part of our daily routines and more as an obstruction. In fact one of the most prominent trends in home remodeling has been the tub to shower conversion.

Converting a bathtub to a shower will open up the visual space of a bathroom more than any other upgrade or remodel. It is our most popular home remodeling projects, and for a good reason. When you see how a bathroom looks before and after getting remodeled with a new shower, it’s like you’re living in a brand new home!

Choose Luxehome Construction Inc., to create your new bathroom using the best in modern design and technical excellence.

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Recently Completed Bath-to-Shower Remodeling Project

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Rarely use your bathtub?

Why not convert your bathtub into a neat and tidy shower with a large head and enough space for you to comfortable stand in. Hire us for the tub to shower conversion today and convert that clunky old tub into a nice, modern looking shower which is easy to access and lasts a lifetime. In our tub to bathroom conversion, we employ simple steps in order to complete our task; the whole process is efficiently done by our professional(s) and the end product is complete and satisfactory.

From high-end master suites to compact powder rooms, and everything in between, we’ve done it all! Let the experts at Luxehome Construction give you a bathroom renovation that you’ll be proud to show off.

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