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Big Advantages of Small Kitchens – Don’t let the word “small” fool you! Having a small kitchen boasts some big advantages:

  • Saves Space – many homeowners feel they need a huge kitchen to fit their needs but sometimes, the opposite is true. Based on your lifestyle and your needs, a small kitchen might be the perfect option for you. Why use up precious space for a room you don’t use that often? By having a small, compact kitchen, you leave room for other areas in your house like the living room, office and bedrooms. It could even add a whole new room never considered before!
  • Saves Money – the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house! Every year, people shell out a significant portion of their budget to remodeling their kitchen alone. Having a small kitchen will, reduce the use of expensive materials and labor costs, bringing down the overall cost
  • Saves Time – by hiring a renovation specialist, an expert can quickly transform your kitchen and without disturbing your life.

Luxehome Construction Inc. is here to help you every step of the way. We provide a white-glove remodeling experience with a primary focus on job cleanliness, timing accuracy, and customer communication.

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Sacramento Kitchen Remodel Contractor

When it comes to a small kitchen, functionality should always be top of mind. Because you can’t have all the bells and whistles a larger kitchen can, you really need to make sure all the necessary features and appliances are met before sprucing it up with “cooler” features. There are plenty of ways to make the most of a small kitchen. It all comes down to the layout of your space. Whether your kitchen limitations are to a single wall, U-shaped or tucked in a corner, there are ways to maximize its potential. So don’t let minimal square footage discourage you from your dream kitchen. Give us a call to learn how you can transform your kitchen, regardless of the size or layout you have.

One-Wall Kitchens

One-wall kitchens are very common in studio apartments or other open-plan spaces. Because they are all mostly on one wall, they lack serious counter space. Adding a small island or other expansion solutions can add much needed counter space for prepping and dining. Depending on the rest of your home’s layout, you may even want to consider installing folding doors or panels to separate and close up the kitchen when it’s not in use.

Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens have a hallway like layout with two elongated walls parallel to each other. They are very common in urban cities and feel very crowded. But, if you remove the upper cabinetry and replace it with open shelving, you can open up the space a ton. Though it’s not always easy, opening up a galley kitchen by removing a small section of the wall can do wonders. By moving one side just one foot creates a recessed nook that could have built in cabinets for storage or shelving. Hire a renovation expert who can take a look at your building’s specifications to determine what’s possible.


Exactly how the name suggests, the kitchen layout makes use of a single corner with two perpendicular walls. The remaining area leaves the space open. You can install a floating table or shelf for extra counter spacing or dining area. You can exchange a couple of cabinets for a small kitchen table or breakfast bar. By adding a countertop ledge, you can add seating area without the actual bulk of additional tables.


A u-shaped kitchen layout, by design, has more counter space and under counter storage. A tiny rolling island is the perfect addition to this type of kitchen. Even if your u-shaped kitchen is narrow, you can still add a slim island and push it out of the way when it’s not needed. It serves as additional storage space below, can also serve as a room divider and you can install a pot rack above.


This layout, also known as a G-shaped kitchen, has an extra counter extending from a U-shaped kitchen. That extra space can be used as a prepping area or a dining area. Add a row of pendant lights to brighten up the entire kitchen.

Creative Ideas to Maximize Small Kitchen

There are so many unique ways to add style and functionality to your compact kitchen. Below are just some of the ideas but we can always take a look at your kitchen and come up with something unique to you!

  • Use drawers, not doors – Although not as common, drawers maximize the available space in cabinets. It easily allows access to every item, unlike cupboards which require rummaging around. They also look chic and organized!
  • An alternative sing – undermount sink saves countertop space and allows for a flat draining area that can be used as a second surface. A single inset sink is another option for tiny kitchens.
  • Incorporate glass – glass doesn’t necessarily “expand” a kitchen but it most certainly makes it feel more spacious. You can incorporate glass door countertops or glass counters. If you have a door separating the room next to it, you can install a glass door to apply visual expansion. You can even add glass-like mirrors as a backsplash to lighten up the look and feel of your kitchen.
  • Don’t forget floors – flooring in a small kitchen is critical. There are plenty of choices to choose from so you’ll want to make sure you speak to an expert on the best solution for you.
  • Utilize secret storage – what looks like useless space to some is a massive storage opportunity to others.

Give Us a Call To Learn How You Can Optimize Your Small & Compact Kitchen

Designing a small kitchen is no easy feat! In fact, it often takes longer than planning a room three times the size. That’s because the requirements are so precise that one small error, can shift your design dramatically. At Luxe Home Construction, we understand how important it is to have a kitchen that’s functional and stylish. We’ll work with you to transform your dated and cramped kitchen, to a chic and efficient miracle.

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