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Small bathrooms are challenging for obvious reasons. Trying to fit everything in a nice and orderly fashion is like solving a giant crossword puzzle – making sure there’s enough clearance for the shower, configuring the toilet and sink to code, while also ensuring the little things like where to put towels and toilet paper makes sense, and not to mention the actual decor. Whether you are optimizing an existing bathroom or installing an additional small bathroom in your home, we can help.

Whether your bathroom doesn’t look the way you want it to or it isn’t built to last, we’ve got the right set of skills and experience to take a bathroom of any shape and transform it into a new beginning. No matter how old or outdated your bathroom may be, a fresh new look is possible.

Choose Luxehome Construction Inc., to create your new bathroom using the best in modern design and technical excellence.

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Planning Your Small Bathroom Renovation

Because you don’t have a lot of room to waste, it’s important that every design element serves a purpose and be functional in some capacity.

Determine The Type of Small Bathroom – recognize the type of bathroom you currently have or plan to add so you can be realistic in your planning. There are a variety of bathroom types you may have in your home:

  • Half-Bath or Powder Room – this is very common in larger homes that already have full size bathrooms throughout the home but need to add a convenience bathroom with simple amenities such as a sink and toilet. These compact rooms make it fairly quick and easy to remodel because of it’s small size and limited number of fixtures. It also means you can take your time in remodeling given the availability of another full bathroom.
  • Full Bath and Master Bath – every home has a full bathroom that includes a toilet, vanity, sink, and tub or shower. These are the bathrooms that are used every day and because it gets a lot of use, it’s important to choose fixtures and materials that are durable and reliable.
  • Guest Bath – this is a full-service bathroom that’s not used as often as a regularly full bathroom would be used. Because these bathrooms are generally only used occasionally, economy fixtures and materials work best for saving costs. You can also take your time remodeling it, which also saves costs.

Determine Who Uses

It the immediate answer might seem like everyone who would possibly enter your home would be using this bathroom but in reality, that may not be the case. For example, a master bathroom in your bedroom may not need the same type of features and amenities as the bathroom in the hallway the children use do. Additionally, the bathroom in your guest bedroom that your elderly parents often stay in may need unique and custom features to cater to their needs. Take a look at where the bathroom is and who will be using it. That will help list out the wants and needs of the bathroom.

Plan Your Palette

Painting a wall, no matter the size, takes time. A neutral color palette adds a good calm base theme that’s aesthetically pleasing. Utilize textures and patterns in neutral tones to add creativity and depth. Also keep in mind that white is associated with cleanliness so although it may seem “bland”, it does a lot of wonders in small and compact bathrooms.

Think Functional

Functionality is important for any bathroom size but especially for small ones. Compact bathrooms can easily lead to unwanted clutter. One tiny thing out of place can make the whole bathroom seem like a mess, so make sure you’re adding only design elements that are functional. You can add floating shelves to remove space on the counters and add stackable baskets underneath cabinets.

Hire an Expert

There is a reason why contractors exist! The sheer amount of hard work – manual manpower, skills and expertise needed to renovate a bathroom of any size is no task for the solo DIY enthusiast, especially when it comes to the electrical and plumbing work involved. Hire a highly skilled professional who knows what they are doing. You will save yourself stress and money in the long haul.

Ideas To Consider

While renovating a small bathroom is a challenge, it’s nothing our experienced team at Luxehome Construction can’t tackle! Whereas some see small bathrooms as limiting, we see them as bold opportunities. Give us a call if you feel the need to upgrade or optimize your small bathroom and check out some of our ideas below.

  • Open Space Storage – Instead of stuffing towels and toiletries in cabinets and plastic boxes under the sink, showcase everything in open shelving. From floating shelves to colorful storage ladders to wooden crates to custom design storage units, there are plenty of ways to display items of use.
  • Select The Right Sink – A corner sink is perfect for a small, cramped bathroom. It maximizes real estate in a purposeful way and works far better than placing it directly across the shower where the door can easily create an awkward walk-around situation. You can install a trough sink which is a good space optimizing solution. Especially when wall mounted, it frees up floor space for storage or foot traffic. Mounting a faucet on the wall also allows for a narrower sink or vanity.
  • Customize the Vanity – the vanity and counter space is crucial! Having a team of expert to customize your vanity is the best option for optimizing a compact bathroom. You can have a floating vanity which makes the bathroom appear bigger overall and frees up the floor space. You can also consider a rounded vanity which removes the sharp corners that make it hip hazards in tight spaces. Open shelving is another fantastic consideration for it removes any need for swinging doors that would otherwise get in the way in a small bathroom. You can also extend the counter over the toilet. This is a simple yet aesthetically clean way to add more counter space without affecting the functionality of the toilet. With so many options to choose from, consider hiring an experienced contractor who knows what’s best for your space.
  • Spacious Appealing Trends – never underestimate the art of deception. With certain patterns, designs, and lighting you can make your small bathroom look and feel more open and spacious. For example, expanding the mirror across the wall instead of just the vanity can enable more than one person to use it at once. When every inch is needed simple things like mounting a towel bar on the door or using a glass panel instead of a glass shower door is helpful!

Don’t Wait to Rebuild Your Small Bathroom

If you’ve been wanting to renovate your small bathroom for a while, the time has come to make it happen! At Luxehome Construction inc., we treat our customers with the utmost care and consideration they deserve. We work closely with you to build you the bathroom you’ve envisioned – starting with developing a clear understanding of your wants and needs. Give us a call now to start your next renovation project!

What to Expect from Luxehome Construction

We’ll help you every step of the way. Whether you have a complete design in mind or no clue where to start, our experienced and professional craftsmen will work with you to design and remodel your bathroom. With an emphasis on precision and detail, you can trust our custom design process will bring you a space you’ll love for years to come.

We have the team and experience to handle any scope of work. Whether complex – moving walls and rerouting plumbing – to simple, you are in good hands when you partner with Luxehome Construction Inc. We have a strong commitment to providing the best customer service from initial design all the way through to the completed installation.

From high-end luxury master suites to compact powder rooms, and everything in between, we’ve done it all! Let the experts at Luxehome Construction give you a bathroom renovation that you’ll be proud to show off. Contact us for consultation today.

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