5 Awesome Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel in 2019

Considering a bathroom remodel in 2019?

The bathroom is an excellent room to flex your interior decorating muscles. It’s a small room with low expectations, so there’s a limited risk in really messing things up. As most bathrooms are relatively small, it’s typically a smaller time investment than remodeling a room like the kitchen or living room. There are fewer accessories and options to go with, making the decision-making process somewhat less overwhelming. There’s still plenty of room for creativity, too. Some of the most interesting ideas burgeon in environments with strict limitations. Read below to learn about the bathroom trends of 2019 and spark some inspiration for your project!

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We specialize in the following bathroom remodeling options:

1) Black is Back

Black has not been a popular color in bathrooms lately, but that’s changing this year. Using black as an accent color can add depth and drama to an otherwise unnoteworthy room. If black is too stark for your tastes, using a dark tone of your color of choice is a good alternative. Playing with the finish, such as matte or glossy adds another dimension. You can mix and match finishes or stay consistent across the board – whichever leads to a result you most enjoy! Some ideas of where to incorporate black matte accents include:

  • The showerhead
  • The light fixture
  • The sink faucet
  • In the border around the mirror
  • Art on the walls
  • Shelving

2) Incorporating Wood

Trends are shifting away from the once-popular emphasis on sterility, clean lines, and everything white. Introducing a natural element, such as wood, to the bathroom can soften the look of the room and make it more comfortable. To really get creative, consider using driftwood, reclaimed barn wood, or uniquely stained wood. This simple addition can completely change the environment of the space, making it feel airy and light while still cozy and soft.

3) High-tech Tush Treatment

America is finally catching on to the worldwide trend of bidets and other toilet accessories. Consumers in the US are becoming more comfortable embracing the ugly truth of what occurs in restrooms, and are incorporating technology to address it. These products are highly customizable and automate the dirty deed of cleaning one’s backside. There are many companies offering a wide variety of options, including the following features:

  • Motion-sensor
  • Hands-free opening and closing of the seat cover
  • Self-cleaning toilet bowl
  • Heated seats

4) Spa Features

There’s no reason your backside should be the only part of you getting pampered! Homeowners are bound to spend more time in the bathroom as the trend of spa features becomes more and more popular. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! There are plenty of ways to incorporate a bit of luxury into your bathroom while staying within budget. As demand increases, more and more companies are catching on to the available-luxury trend and providing products that bring spa-like qualities into the average individual’s most private spaces. Going for the slightly more expensive version of a normal bathroom necessity can bring such joy that the expense pays for itself in enjoyment. Some inexpensive bathroom luxury ideas include:

  • Re-purpose an old dresser into a unique vanity
  • A shower head with many features
  • Lush bathroom mats
  • Bathroom trays
  • Bathroom accessories to cover your hand soap, lotion, etc

5) Statement Art

Adding a statement piece to your bathroom can easily focus the eye and leave all else ignored – especially in such a small place. Incorporating a creative piece of art can add character to the bathroom for you and your guests to enjoy while you go about your business. A single large print that is somewhat bold or unusual can captivate your guests’ attention and even spark an interesting conversation.

Be sure to keep in mind that the bathroom is a humid room, so damage may occur. Framed posters and prints are the best way to go in this space. If you have the space, a sculpture is an excellent option. In an area that may seem cramped and full of right angles, a sculpture can add depth and a feeling of fluidity, depending on the artwork. As with any renovation, do what makes you happy.

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